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Value Regulated Lead Acid Battery
by Tarun Agarwal 1 week ago

What is VRLA Battery : Construction & Its Working

To know with the detailed concept of VRLA battery, let us start by knowing its history. So, the first lead acid-based gel battery was introduced by Fabrik Sonneberg in the year 1934 and the modernized type of this battery was designed by...

Sinusoidal Waveform
by Tarun Agarwal 3 weeks ago

What is RMS Voltage : Methods and Its Equations

In the domain of electronics, we frequently hear the terms alternating and direct current. So, an alternating waveform is the one which is related to AC current. This means that it is a periodic kind of waveform that switches in between...

Control Systems
by Tarun Agarwal 1 month ago

What is a Closed Loop Control System & Its Working

The number of elements that are combined to form a system to generate the desired output is known as the control system. The output of any system can be controlled by the control system because each element within this system has an effect...

Clamp Meter Instrument
by Tarun Agarwal 1 month ago

What is a Clamp Meter : Construction & Its Working

A clamp meter is one kind of test equipment and it is also known as Tong Tester. This equipment is very simple to use and operate. The main function of this device is to measure a live conductor in the circuit without damage or power loss....

by Tarun Agarwal 2 months ago

What is a Flux Meter : Working & Its Applications

Flux meters are available from the past many years which are used for measuring the density of magnetic flux. So that total flux can be determined within a magnet otherwise magnetic assembly. In some focused areas, the usage of these meters...